ProTint Company Profile

Thank you for visiting ProTint Window Tinting on-line. We appreciate your interest in us, our product and our services. Locally owned and operated, ProTint is based out of Car-Fi, a leader in mobile electronics and services that has been serving the SW Missouri area for over 20 years.


 Our ProTint division has been providing the finest in window film and tint services since 1998. The following are some of the key benefits you will enjoy while working with ProTint:


With over a half century of combined experience and thousands of hours on the job, our ProTint glass film technicians are ready to handle anything from basic jobs to the most challenging installations. They are professionally trained and knowledgeable in current glass film technologies and applications. Curious about residential or business window tint or decorative applications? Our project consultants can easily explain options available and find solutions that fit your needs and budget. Want a seasoned installer to tint your vehicle? Our automotive division services an average of 300 to 400 vehicle a month.

Professional Installation

Proper installation of window tint requires extensive training, experience and attention to detail. Our ProTint window film installers are trained in the most current film technologies and applications. ProTint's Mobile Tint unit is ready and equipped for on-site projects.


Our automotive division utilizes state-of-the-art computer cut technologies to insure expert installation and keep up to date with the changing specifics of new vehicle models. Auto glass tint, paint protection and custom vinyl service are available directly at our Car-Fi retail locations at 1600 S. Glenstone in Springfield and 1252 N. Bryan Drive in Nixa.



ProTint is a full service window tint dealer, specializing in all types of film installation. Here are some of the services available from ProTint:


Residential Window Tinting • Commercial Window Tinting • Security and Safety Window Film • Decorative Window Tinting • View Control Window Tinting • Anti-Graffiti Window Film• Automotive Window Tinting • Automotive Paint Protection Film • Custom Vinyl Graphics • Boat Window Tinting

RV Window Tinting • Limousine Window Tinting



With the wide variation of window film types and manufactures available, trying to choose the right window tint for your needs may leave you feeling confused and frustrated. ProTint has done the research for you. We meticulously review and compare technical data and warranty details to bring you the best products from the world’s top manufacturers. We offer a wide variety of 3M films (we are the area's exclusive dealer for 3M's Prestige line) and SolarGard Glass films.


Our Guarantees

Our film products are covered by the most comprehensive manufactures warranties. Our Automotive products offer lifetime warranties with nationwide coverage. Our Automotive film is covered by a lifetime warranty. Residential and Commercial tint applications carry 7 to 10 year warranties depending on the film chosen. Our ProTint professional installations are certified for life.


Amazing Customer Service and Industry-Leading Products - That's the Car-Fi Protint difference!