ProTint Automotive Glass Tint

Not only can automotive window tint noticeably improve the look of your ride, it provides outstanding UV and thermal characteristics to keep you more comfortable and prolong the life of your car's interior. Are you curious to see the difference each type of glass film can make in a vehicle? Here you can checj out some of the different options available from our premier manufacturer, 3M.

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Advantages of 3M window films for your vehicle:


Improve Your Vehicle's Cosmetic Appearance

One of the least expensive and most dramatic change to the appearance of your vehicles is the addition of window tint.


Improve your Driving Experience

When you like the way your car looks, it's more fun to drive. And when you don't have to deal with annoying glare as much, the drive is more enjoyable.


Privacy & Security

Automotive glass tint can provide you with increased privacy and deter theft. Darker windows make it more difficult to look in and see the contents of your car. Thieves won't take what they can't see.


Control Interior Heat

By blocking the wavelengths that create heat, and passing the ones that create natural light, window tint acts as a filter that prevents interior heating.


Preserve Interior Fabrics

By controlling visible and ultraviolet light plus solar heat transmissions, glass tint offers significant protection from fabric fading and discoloration.


Preserve Interior Trim

Window tint can help prevent the vinyl, plastic or wood trim in your vehicle from fading and discoloration.


Easier On The Eyes

Drive safer by reducing glare that can hamper your vision.


Improve Safety

Automotive glass tint will hold the glass together better in the case of an accident


Improve Appearance of TVs and LCD Screens

By softening the effects of direct sunlight, you will minimize or eliminate that strong glare that bounces off television and PC screens.