ProTint Commercial Window Films

We offer a variety of commercial window film shades to choose from including colors to compliment the outer appearance of your business structure. Some films provide better heat reduction while others create a more private environment. Contact us to set up an appointment to determine which application suits your situation best. Here you can explore some of the different options available from our premier manufacturer, 3M.

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Advantages of 3M window films in your business:


Energy Reduction

Depending on where and when the sun strikes a window, there can be inconsistent hot and cold spots in different areas of your building. This causes undue adjustments to HVAC heat and air conditioning leading to higher energy costs. Window film can control solar heat gain for more balanced inside temperatures.


Business Appearance

Choose a commercial window film shade to compliment the exterior design of your building. This will not only improve the overall aesthetic look, but also raise the value of your building.


Human Threat Protection

Unfortunately, vandalism and crime are a part of our everyday life. Security films deter vandals and thieves by holding glass panes in place preventing easy entry.


Increased Structure Safety

During high winds and tornadoes, security films can help prevent flying objects from penetrating windows. They also reduce the hazard of flying glass during earthquakes.


Increase Productivity

The application of window film will provide a more pleasant working environment, meaning your employees will be more productive.


Preserve Fabrics and Artwork

ProTint glass films offer significant protection from fading and discoloration in artwork and fabrics.


Preserve Flooring

Save expenses by shielding hardwood floors, woven rugs and carpets from premature deterioration and color loss that solar energy can cause .