ProTint Residential Glass Films

Residential tint provides outstanding UV protection and thermal control for your home. In addition, residential glass film offers a variety of different film types to suit your style and needs. Are you curious to see the difference each type of glass film can make in a room?  Here you can see some of the different options available from our premier manufacturer, 3M.

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Advantages of 3M window films in your home:


Higher Energy Efficiency

Keep your home cooler by preventing over 80% of the sun’s energy from entering it. For colder times, a “low-e” film can help eliminate heat loss though glass. With the energy savings, most films pay for themselves within several years. This also means extended HVAC life.


Privacy & Security

Tint can provide you with increased privacy. Protect your home and family with our special security film that makes glass extremely hard to break.


Easier on the eyes

Avoid the blinding light that ruins your view and makes you draw the blinds. Really see how great your rooms can look with the visual effect afforded by our window film.


Preserve Fabrics

By controlling visible and ultraviolet light plus solar heat transmissions, glass tint offers significant protection from fabric fading and discoloration.


Preserve Flooring

Our glass film shields wood floors, woven rugs and plush carpeting from solar energy that causes premature deterioration and color loss.


Preserve Artwork

ProTint film helps protect valuable investments. Don’t let your beautiful room accents lose their luster and value from exposure to the sun's rays.


Improve appearance of TVs and LCD Screens

By softening the effects of direct sunlight, you will minimize or eliminate that strong glare that bounces off television and PC screens.