Security and Safety Film

Protect yourself, your property and it's occupants

The world can be a dangerous place. It poses threats from weather and natural phenomenon, plus not everyone out there has the best intentions. Fortunately, you can help protect your building and your business against natural disasters, break-ins and even bomb blasts with Safety & Security Window Films.

What is it?

Safety and security window films are polyester, or PET films that are applied to glass and glazing in order to hold them together if the glass is shattered (similar to laminated glass). The films are adhesive coated to bond them to the glass. Since these shatter-safe films can be applied to the glass or glazing after manufacture or installation, it is a much more cost efficient than replacing existing glass with laminated glass. These films are used widely all over the world; they can be found on buildings, cars, trains and buses.

Advantages of Safety and Security film


Building Security (Break and Entry)

• Safety and security window films strengthens glass surfaces where a delay of forced entry is desired

• Provides precious time to move to safety or for police to arrive by helping to deter unwanted individuals from entering your building or home

Personal safety

When float glass (normal window glass) is broken, it breaks into sharp shards that are dangerous to anyone in the vicinity. This is particularly hazardous if the window is broken by human impact. If the glass is tempered, it can produce showers of small glass pellets that can cause serious injury.  This is common in the event of a car crash because most automotive side glass is tempered. Some building codes specify requirements for personal safety in architectural glass and glazing. Safety films with correct certification can be used to upgrade existing glass and glazing to meet the safety standards specified in the building codes at a much lower cost than glass replacement.


Increased protection from tornadoes and wind-borne debris

Safety films can be used as an additional protection against flying glass when glazing is broken by wind-borne debris. By helping to prevent windows from shattering, or retaining shattered glazing in its frame, these films help maintain the “weather seal” of a building. This can help reduce damage from water and high winds. If the seal can be maintained, roofs are less likely to be blown off and the chance a building can be saved increases.


Increased protection from bomb and blast hazards

Explosions cause widespread damage. In an urban environment which usually contains lots of glass, the risk of injury is increased. In the event of an explosion in an urban area, flying glass is often the biggest cause of injury. Safety and Security film, when applied correctly, can contain these shards of glass. This protects the internal environment and in some cases, may retain the pane of glass in the window frame.


Protection from spontaneous glass breakage

Spontaneous glass breakage is a phenomenon by which toughened glass (or tempered) may spontaneously break without any apparent reason.

Protection of glazing during earthquakes

Ground motion during seismic activity causes building movement, which in turn causes glass breakage and glass fall-out, endangering people below. It also can expose a building’s contents to weather damage and theft during looting sprees. Safety and security films have proven their worth in protecting people and property during seismic activity by helping retain window glass in its frame.


Vehicle Security and safety

Adding safety and security film to a vehicle's windows make it more safe and secure. Since many of your auto's window are tempered, safety and security film holds the shattered glass together minimizing the usual shower of glass if they're broken in an accident. It also will increase the amount of time it takes to gain entry into your vehicle during a break-in (especially useful in a smash-and-grab attempt).


Additional Protection - Attachment Applications

For a maximum security application, we recommend that the glass be attached to the window frame (not the gasket) so that the edge of the film becomes an integral part of the glass and the frame. This is accomplished with by removing the existing window gasket and replacing it with either a specialized adhesive or a flexible gasket-like seal (for a more factory finished appearance) to lock the film and window to the frame,  thus creating a much stronger window system. In the event of a tornado or bomb blast, an attachment application will help retain a window in the frame, greatly increasing occupant safety. During an unlawful entrance attempt, the same procedure will assist in keeping the intruder out for an extended period.